Michigan Workshop Series
Workshop Om Bodies Yoga

Join me in the “middle of the mitten” Mount Pleasant, MI for a weekend of fun and yoga!


Psoas Release Party

Tonight’s focus is on relieving tension along the deep muscle group that responds to our stress. The power of the psoas can have you in fight mode when you don’t intend to. When the illiopsoas is released there’s more bounce to our step, we stand taller, experience inner calm and better digestion. Come for hip opening like none other!


Deep Core Awakening and Handbalances

This morning’s class intends to enliven your desire to dig deep and lift off. Class will explore strategies in strengthening the transverse abdominus, internal and external rotators of the hip and back muscles big and small. Come to awaken your core and be poised for flight!

Advanced Prop Usage

For students and teachers alike, this afternoon session will dramatically showcase the power of using props effectively to advance your practice and calm your nervous system. You will learn how to implement this technology without getting tangled up in the process. This will not be a full practice but rather a workshop with opportunities to ask questions and investigate.

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