Yoga Classes



All classes are central time. Classes are recorded for 24 hour period (see details below).

Mon. 7:30-8:30a. mixed level *Asana Exercise
Wed. 9:30-11a. level 2
Thurs. 7:30-8:30a. mixed level *Asana Exercise
Fri. 9:30-11a level 3, advanced
Sat. 9:30 – 11a level 2
Sun. 9:30 – 11a level 2


$5-15 per person sliding scale

Pay before class begins.
Type date for class your choosing in your payment comment.
Cost is per person.

Venmo: SaraAStrother


Classes are held on Zoom.

ZOOM ID 381-809-9519
ID and Password are the same for each class.
You will enter into the Zoom waiting room until your payment is verified in one of these apps. You will only be admitted once payment is confirmed.

Be sure to have the most current version of the Zoom client. The client has been updated several times and you can find the most current version linked for all devices and platforms on this Zoom – Download Center page.

Set aside 90 minutes for all but Monday and Thursday. Classes are 90 minutes because that’s how long it takes me to share a balanced asana experience without combusting. Motivation Monday is the only 60 minute class on my personal zoom.

If you’ve been my student for awhile you know props are what make my classes a cut above the rest. I use them to create load in dynamic ways to encourage strength and flexibility. Most classes will need 1 or a combination of the following:
wall—-alternative: door
strap—-alternative: necktie, scarf, belt 
socks—-hardwood/tile floor
paper plates/plastic plates/ziplock bags—-carpet or a rug

zoom yoga

Mixed Level Asana Exercise

This class is designed to use yoga postures as a launchpad for exercising. The sequence is progressive and similar week to week so students can mark their progress in a more obvious way. Not included in this 60 minute format is a stated theme, chanting, meditation, breathing exercises or savasana. It is not exactly yoga which is why I’ve named it Asana Exercise.

Level 2

Intermediate yoga with emphasis on alignment, intermediate sequencing and breath-based movement. Perfect for students curious about approaching a stronger practice. Moderate pace.

Level 3

Advanced yoga with emphasis on alignment and breath-based movement. Prerequisite must be able to press up into Wheel Pose, urdhva dhanurasana, and kick up at a wall to Handstand, adho mukha vrksasana. Perfect for students and teachers looking to be challenged. Vigorous.


Every zoom class is recorded and available for a 24 hour window from the end of original class time. That way if you sleep in or live in a different time zone you can still get the daily live class. To access you’ll need it’s unique password and ID.

1) Copy and paste this template, fill in correct info and email it to

My name is …… (the name i will see in payment app)
My payment is on …… (pick venmo/zelle or paypal for international)
I’m renting today’s class….. (type the date)

2) Once payment is confirmed your class link will come to the email address you requested class with.

Your privacy is everything. Recorded classes hold only my video and audio. No one taking the live class will be recorded or shown in the chat.
Recorded classes are available after the live class ends and the link is live until the next day same time. (EX. Saturday’s 9:30-11a will be available shortly after 11a and link active until Sunday 11a).



9 classes available 24/7 ~ 365
Rent for $6 to view for 72 hours or download to keep for $12.
Payment is made directly on
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